Seatrium Ethicsline


Seatrium Ethicsline is an independent whistleblowing service managed by Deloitte on behalf of Seatrium group for all Seatrium entities. 

Seatrium Limited ("Seatrium") takes whistleblowing very seriously and will review all reports and initiate an independent investigation where possible. The identity of a whistleblower and the information provided in the report will be kept confidential and will only be made known to the investigation team or as required to be disclosed by law. 

Seatrium Ethicsline is designed to receive disclosures relating to the matters below: 

  • Bribery (e.g. Accepting or seeking bribes from third parties, Money-laundering etc.)
  • Conflict of Interest (e.g. Incompatible functions)
  • Corruption (e.g. Dishonest/Fraudulent act)
  • Discrimination 
  • Fraud (e.g. Financial statement fraud, Forgery)
  • Harassment (e.g. Bullying, Intimidation)
  • Human Resource Related Matters (e.g. Sexual Harassment, Retaliation)
  • Theft (e.g. Embezzlement)
  • Violation of Law and Regulation and Contractual Obligations
  • Workplace Grievance (e.g. General misconduct, Misuse/Abuse of power)
  • Heath & Safety (e.g. Workplace safety, Alcohol & substance abuse, Environmental issues)
  • Scam (e.g. Using the company's name for fraudulent means)
  • Payment Disputes (e.g. Payment irregularities)
  • Disclosure of Confidential Information (e.g. Commercially sensitive information)
  • Unfair Competition Practices 
  • Others